DARK MATTERS is an 18+ event, where the science is served on the rocks & the adults come out to play

Thursday, March 9, 2017
7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Ever wanted to launch a chicken from a sling-shot? We're testing the limits of gravity, at this 'Projectiles' themed event...

Highlights include: 

  • Four words: Nerf gun shooting range. This means war... 
  • Anyone ever seen an "atlatl" or know how to use one? You won't want to miss this particular game of show & tell. 
  • Nothing says 'projectile' like rockets. So naturally, we'll be launching some. 
  • Of course, meteorites certainly hold claim to 'projectile' fame, too. We've got real meteorites that you'll wanna check out!   
  • Embark on journeys across the universe, with pint-sized planetarium shows in the Margaret Zeidler Star Theatre. 
  • It's not a true DARK MATTERS party until someone whips up the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. 
  • & so much more! 

And as always:

  • DJ Thomas Culture 
  • Bar & Purple Pear Restaurant
  • Exclusive access to all of our permanent galleries, and; 
  • Grown-up science experiments!

PUBLIC RATE$19.95 $25.95 $27.95 
TWOSE MEMBERS $16.95 $21.95 $21.95 
GROUP (20+ GUESTS)$17.95 --

*Combo Tickets include access to the Angry Birds Universe exhibition. 

All prices +GST.

DARK MATTERS March beer sponsor:

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Here is a peek at some of the fun we've had so far in 2017:

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Dark Matters is an 18+ event. You will be asked to show photo I.D.