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Today's Programs

  1. Hubble IMAX 3D

    10:00 am

  2. Dawn of the Space Age - Star Theatre

    11:00 am

  3. Flight of the Butterflies IMAX 3D

    11:00 am

  4. Spectacular Spectrum – LIVE

    11:00 am

  5. Forces of Nature IMAX 2D

    12:00 pm

  6. Journey Thru Our Solar System - Star Thtr

    12:00 pm

  7. Thermal Theatrics - LIVE

    12:00 pm

  8. Chicken Physics - LIVE

    01:00 pm

  9. Flight of the Butterflies IMAX 3D

    01:00 pm

  10. Journey Thru Our Solar System - Star Thtr

    01:00 pm

  11. Dream Big IMAX 3D

    02:00 pm

  12. The Dark Matter Mystery - Star Theatre

    02:00 pm

  13. Digital Universe - Star Theatre

    03:00 pm

  14. Mysteries of China IMAX 3D

    03:00 pm

  15. Wild Africa IMAX 3D

    04:00 pm

  16. Trails in Motion Film Festival

    07:00 pm

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On June 3 & 4 put your fight or flight instincts to the ultimate test during TWOSE's Science of Survival (S.O.S) weekend!

Civilization as we know it rests on your shoulders! S.O.S. Zombies takes over TWOSE on June 3. 

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